The South Boston Association of Non-Profits seeks to increase the vitality of our neighborhood by strengthening the connections between our non-profits, coordinating our efforts, and collectively advocating for all of South Boston.

Standing for Our Community = Building Community

South Boston is an amazing community and as it grows and changes the South Boston Association of Non-Profits (SBANP) would like to help build an even better community, strong and connected, welcoming and vibrant.

Whether you live here or work here, or both; whether you are new to Southie or are a native; whether you are young, kinda young or seasoned; South Boston is a unique and amazing place. SBANP sees a more connected community on the horizon and we want to help facilitate any community building that helps us all. Join us in making South Boston the most welcoming and most dynamic neighborhood in the City! As we like to say, Working Together Works.

From City Point to Cityside to West Broadway. From Andrew Square to Dorchester Heights to the Waterfront. From Mary Ellen McCormick to Old Colony to Castle Island. South Boston Building South Boston

I am South Boston

We Are South Boston
We Stand for Inclusion
We Stand for Unity
We Stand for Fun
We Stand for Opportunity
We Stand for Respect
We stand for Community

About: South Boston’s Stand for Inclusion, Stand for Community Campaign
in partnership with YWCA’s Stand Against Racism Campaign
April 25, 2014     Sign up your organization to participate
Stand for Inclusion, Stand for Community Campaign seeks to recognize and celebrate the many gifts and voices that South Boston has to offer. Through a simple cultural action of wearing a sticker labeled “I am South Boston”, community members will join together as one community, acknowledging each others gifts and voices, the amazing diversity that the community has to offer, and the opportunity to create a shared new future as a thriving and welcoming neighborhood.