Office of the New Bostonians
Boston City Hall
Room 803
Boston, MA 02201
(617) 635-2980
Director: Rev. Cheng Imm Tan
Web site:
The New Bostonians provides interpreter services to those who speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Russian, Chinese, and Cape Verdian. The New Bostonians is a volunteer line for the constituents of Boston and the surrounding area.
New Bostonians has a list of employees who are available to interpret for non-English speaking constituents.

Laboure Center for Community Interpreter Services
275 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
Established in 1986, Community Interpreter Services (CIS) assists limited English speakers in accessing legal, health, educational, and other services. Our highly skilled interpreters serve as a crucial link between service providers and limited English speakers. Interpreters are recognized for their quality and service excellence. 617-464-8100

South Boston Community Health Center
386 & 409 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
Interpreter Services The program covers several languages on-site and also has contacts with different agencies to ensure interpreter services for every non-English speaking patient that walks in the door. To access these services you may call the Interpreter Services Department at (617) 464-7539.
There are also three interpreter phone lines. Please see the following:

Para la gente que tiene dificultad con leer el Ingles, tenemos interpretes quienes
pueden traducir al espanol. Favor de llamar al Departmento de Servicio de Interpretes en el South Boston Community Health Center al telepono (617) 464-7451.

Per ata que kane veshtiresi te lexojne ne Anglisht,ne kemi perkthyes qe te perthrjne per ju. Ju lutem kontaktoni Departamentin e Perkthimeve ne South Boston Health Center, Numri i telfonit (617) 464-7451.

Dla tych ktorzy maja trudnosci z jezykiem angielskim, nasza klinika ma dla was tlumacza. Prosimy dzwonic do biura uslug w South Boston Klinika pod numer tel.
(617) 464-7451.