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About Us

The South Boston Association of Non-Profits (SBANP) was established to improve the quality and scope of services offered to families across South Boston, Massachusetts. In May of 2000, South Boston Neighborhood House’s strategic planning process helped identify the increased needs and rapidly changing demographics of the neighborhood. As a result, the local nonprofits recognized a sense of urgency around these needs, and strategically organized to improve the quality of life across our community.


SBANP's areas of focus include substance abuse, housing, education, waterfront development, funding opportunities, and bridging the gap between those with access to resources and those with little hope. SBANP is a volunteer-led organization that convenes monthly to host informational presentations, and share developments in their programs, that strengthen the network's ability to take action in this community. These meetings are inclusive and open to all. Meeting minutes are also available to view. 

As a 501(c)(3) organization, SBANP is guided by its Board of Directors and has created a structured grant review process for fundraising initiatives that take place through SBANP.

We Stand for Inclusion. We Stand for Unity. We Stand for Fun. We Stand for Opportunity. We Stand for Respect. We stand for Community. We Are South Boston. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

To inspire a collective and powerful voice among the leadership of South Boston’s nonprofits to influence change and build a healthier community for all of our residents and neighbors.

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Our Vision

SBANP sees a robust community on the horizon and we want to facilitate collaboration that helps us all.


As we like to say,

working together works.

Join us in making South Boston the most welcoming and most dynamic neighborhood in Boston!

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